Happy Festivus

December 24, 2017   Cooking

Yes I know I'm a day late. I was busy with Festivus festivities.

It's cold here. Not as cold as Toronto or Winnipeg or anywhere else in Canada but it is cold. Even inside. My glass-walled office so nice most of the year is cold.

So I'm cooking. When we were in Ajaccio I could look out our apartment window and see a patisserie. Each morning I'd walk down the stairs, stairs that reeked of cigarettes, for a breakfast of pastry and coffee.

It was here I encountered ambrucciata which brought to mind creme brulee in a pastry. Sweet and creamy and cheesy. And then I noticed it at the next Corsican patisserie, and the next. And they all have the same pinched pastry shape.

Turns out, a near-facsimile isn't hard to make. The French use brocciu, a Corsican cheese, but it's similar to ricotta. The French version is larger. But taste and texture are close enough.

The patisserie in Ajaccio      
Patisserie ambrucciata      
Home made ambrucciata      
Unlike the original Corsican variety mine have a lopsided filling:pastry ratio as I'm lazy with the little pastry shells. Other complaints: they've sunk in the middle instead of risen (ingredients too cold?), and they aren't caramelized on top (broiler, torch?). But they are tasty.