Under the weather

March 1, 2019   Ubud

We're both a bit under the weather so we put off our trip to the mountains. Instead we spent the day hanging around the house. Fortunately it's a comfortable house with spacious rooms and a big deck surrounded by greenery.

In the mean time we've been looking for ways to entertain ourselves. First we tried the house's large DVD collection but only some work, and those that work stop working along the way, like near the end of the story so you never know how it ends. If these are representative of pirated discs I can't understand why anyone would ever buy one.

Then we tried Netflix but it's blocked, at least the Canada feed is blocked. I'd earlier noticed that Indonesia blocks websites, like Hacker News of all things as it isn't actually about hacking, it contains discussions on technology and current news. Website blocking isn't something we are accustomed to seeing in our travels.

I think we're just going to have to resort to reading our books, and since they are on Kobos --- I rarely read a real, physical book anymore --- I've my whole library with me.

On the porch      
Dining room and kitchen