The caravan of migrants  10 November 2018  Politics  US Politics 

"Many things are said on the Internet about who organized their departure. Some say it was Maduro, the president of Venezuela, while others consider it a scheme by the United States," said Martinez. "The reality is that these families are fleeing due to three factors: the first is violence perpetrated by criminal gangs like Los Maras, La MS, and La 18," said Martinez. "These criminal groups threaten Honduran families and recruit their children," he said. "They charge a rent for every business the victims have and call it a war tax," Martinez added, saying these gangs kill family members in retaliation for noncooperation.

"The second factor is extreme poverty: apart from paying taxes to the government, migrants have been forced to pay extortion money to criminal gangs, leaving them without money to live on. The third factor is that Honduras, being a country plagued with violence for years, does not guarantee the human rights of its population. The Honduran people have had enough of all this, which is why there is this migrant caravan phenomenon," said Martinez.

Karla Ortiz interviewing Ignacio Martinez, the director of the ABBA safehouse and hostel, Celaya, Mexico, in Atencion San Miguel