Lyon's Notre-Dame

October 17, 2017   Lyon, France

The Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviere is a large church at the top of Fourviere hill. It's a large church, visible from a distance. The interior highlight is a set of six large, colourful murals, made of tiles, that tell the story of the Virgin Mary. After visiting the church we walked to the nearby Roman theater which is still in use for concerts and festivals.

Notre Dame is at the upper right      
A lot of steps to get up the hill      
Notre Dame      
Notre Dame      
Notre Dame      
Roman theater      
A mural of famous French people      

The backside of this narrow seven-storey building is covered with a detailed mural featuring famous people in French history. It looks quite real, even close up, and reminds me of a similar, though smaller, mural in Quebec City.

Lyon seen from Fourviere hill      
And with this post I'm done. We're packed for the flight home to Canada. It has been a great trip. The French people have been friendly and helpful, and the scenery has been varied and beautiful. Au revoir à la France.