Contemporary art at the MAC

October 15, 2017   France, Art, Lyon

We took the metro to Lyon's Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) where we saw their "Floating worlds" exhibit. The three floors of mixed-media exhibits - found objects, music, videos, and interactive pieces - were entertaining but more Rube Goldberg than Picasso, which is where my mind goes when I think contemporary. The exhibits included:

- A small black room with a floor half-covered by popcorn and lit by black light.

- A fan blowing on a hanging light which occasionally illuminates a photoelectric cell that triggers a scanner that sends its scan to a computer monitor. Times 5.

- A book in a glass box whose pages are turned by a fan. Interesting only because the artist, Laurie Anderson, is one of my favorite musicians. I didn't know she made museum art.

- A video of cows and then cow-shaped kites titled Let's Make Cows Fly.

- A video where a woman comes out of a wind tunnel, sets up a music stand, takes out a flute, then plays. Wind blows.

- A video of 150 people dressed in black tearing out the black pages of a black book, throwing them down, then reassembling them.

You get the idea. At times I thought the most creative aspect of the exhibit was the descriptive text accompanying each piece.

Literally and figuratively, the artist accomplished the dissemination of logocentrism and its hierarchies, for the sake of the incommunicable and the imagination. From the MAC exhibit guide on a poem by Ewa Partum.

I suppose I'm sounding like a philistine.

Ernesto Neto's fabric and sand pieces      
Delivery truck for contemporary art      
More More [Leaky]: The Falling Water Given #4-6      
The juxtaposition of the fixed images and wooden structures supporting kinetic water-courses, with objects found in situ, invites us to consider the symbotic relationship between nature and technology, aesthetic beauty and function. From the MAC exhibition guide on Yuko Mohri's More More [Leaky]: The Falling Water Given #4-6.
Museum exhibits      
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