Web hosting woes  25 September 2018 

For a few years, which was long for me, I developed software for a small publisher whose name reminded me of a bio molecule. Always a warm spot for organic chemistry.

Anyway, one day at the company that sounds like an organic compound, someone, not me, mistakenly deleted some files. The IT guy said he could retrieve them, they made a backup tape each night and a second set was kept off site.

You probably have guessed where this is going. The IT guy found the backup tape empty. The backup process had never been tested, he assumed it worked but he'd not tried a retrieval. Oops. Cheap lesson, though.

My web host wasn't so fortunate. Last Friday an admin issued a command that brought the company down, which in itself is impressive, who knew it was so easy? One command? Compounding the error, their local backups weren't any good. Recovery was s.l.o.w. Four days later the company is up and running again though at quite a hit to their reputation. An expensive lesson.