Packing Postmortem

April 12, 2017   XF27, Ubud
Jalan Kajeng      
The short, car-passable section of Jalan Kajeng.
Resurfacing the path      

About ten minutes walk down Jalan Kajeng the narrow street turns into a path. No cars, just scooters and foot traffic. It is where you see these fellows who were hired by the local property owners to resurface the much-used path. Their paving technique is to pour fresh cement on top of the existing crumbly path.

Path to Orange Marmelade cafe      
A short walk off of Jalan Kajeng is a cooking school and the charming Orange Marmelade cafe.

I packed light for Bali. A checked suitcase for largely-synthetic clothes. A raincoat. Sandals. A carry on for toiletries and electronics. The only thing I missed was a large empty bag to carry purchases home. I would have also missed packing an umbrella but every place I stayed supplied large umbrellas.

I bought another bag in Ubud. I thought it flimsy but I decided to gamble it would survive one trip. It did. I quickly filled it with wooden masks and a big wooden bird. I should have got a bigger bag, I would have bought more. The masks, coconut sized, came from a charming Timor couple who own a store-full of temptations. The bird came from another store, one with an equally friendly and talkative saleswoman. The bird came disassembled. Assembled it's pretty big. It's yet to find a home.

I hand laundered my clothes every night and then dried them under a ceiling fan which solves the clothes drying problem. Bali is very humid so you can't assume stuff will dry overnight. But under a fan they do. Outside in the shade it takes longer. In a bathroom with a leaky ceiling it takes much longer.

As to footwear most wear flip flops. Not me. It's hard to not trip on a sidewalk. They've missing tiles, unexpected steps, and the occasional deep hole that I guarantee will injure you if you don't see it. That said, the sidewalks are better than those in Buenos Aires.