Around Ubud

April 11, 2017   XF18-55, Ubud

Here are a few photos taken while walking around Ubud.

Starbucks is the only American food franchise that I saw, and there is only one in Ubud. It's good to know Starbucks not because you need go there for coffee - there are plenty of local offerings - but because it's a useful landmark. It's near the center of town at the corner of Jl Raya Ubud and Jl Kajeng. It is also just down the street from my friends Bill and Emily.
Shopping in Ubud      
There are no shortage of ways to spend money in Ubud. Lots of clothing, jewelry, shoes, souvenirs, spas, tours, cafes, and lots of yoga. Useful shops, hardware stores and big grocers for example, take a little more of an effort to find.
A cafe in Ubud      
Cafes in Ubud are attractive and service and food very good. And free Wifi is ubiquitous.
Rice paddy and villas      
Ten minutes walk from Starbucks and you can be staring at a pretty rice paddy, as in the photo. Along with the rice plants there may be a cow, and there are likely lots of quacking ducks. You'll also see farmers doing the work necessary to cultivate the rice. Unfortunately the paddies are being encroached by development, as shown by the row of villas bordering the paddy.