April 10, 2017   XF18-55, Ubud
Ogoh-ogoh team      
Since Cartier-Bresson's hand wasn't as steady as it used to be, some of the pictures were a bit fuzzy. Sharpness is a bourgeois concept, he said. Helmut Newton in Newsweek

This serves as a lesson to me, pay more attention to shutter speed. I like this photo of a resting ogoh ogoh team despite the fact that its subject, the brightly-dressed young woman on the right, is not in focus. Just like with bird photos, it is better to either freeze motion with a high shutter speed or emphasize movement with a slow speed.

This was shot at 1/160 sec and ISO 200. So I'd say a better value for the auto ISO min shutter speed would be 1/500 or maybe 1/1000. Of course this adds noise, the higher the ISO the higher the noise. But I don't care so much about noise. Noise adds character. And if it's really noisy I try it in b&w.