April 8, 2017   XF16, Ubud
Ogoh-ogoh team in motion      

I took this shot in dead darkness. The ogoh-ogoh teams were gathered on the soccer field after parading around town. The field is in the middle of Ubud and, like much of Bali, the roads around the field are edged with trendy cafes, healing spas, clothing stores, and artsy shops. Not much light though. Most businesses closed early for the parade or to prepare for the day of silence. There were food vendors in the field though. I bought something to eat, a triangle of bread covered with vegetables and tomato sauce which sounds a lot like pizza but he didn't call it that. It was a like a soft pizza. Once I ate I wandered the field, photographing in the dark, hoping to get something of interest. In fact, I got several.

I am happy that this captures for me some nice movement. But I also wonder if it can have the same feel without the actual experience?