Currant Scones

December 7, 2016   Cooking, Kobo

It's cold outside, there's even some snow, so I'm heating up the house by cooking. Yesterday I made scones. I was inspired because I had a new cookbook, The Pie and Pastry Bible by Beranbaum, an author recently name-dropped in the Times. As an e-book it was only $4 (and that's Canadian).

One problem, though, is that as an e-book - I'd not had reason to try this before, mind - you can't print from an e-book. At least you can't easily print. But I figured there had to be a way as I wanted a printout to add to my binder of recipes, many of which are commented. (Typical: cut time by # min as stupid oven not below 375.)

Long story short, I made the scones and they turned out fine. As proof I've a couple photos below.

And of course I got around the printing problem. I did it two ways: the easy but less satisfactory way is to print screen grabs on the pc. It works but the pages aren't editable. The better way turned out to be to pull up each page on the iPhone, save a screen shot, OCR the jpg, then paste the text into an editor. After removing extra line breaks and fixing tabular data I had an editable and printable recipe. And like most things, the next time I do it, it will go faster.

Roll and fold makes layered pastry      
Currant scones