Back on the donkey

October 31, 2016   Greece, Hydra

This morning the events of yesterday seemed distant, almost surreal, so we were back to enjoying the Greek island of Hydra, the car-free land of donkeys and cats.

Ahh, but we couldn't leave the unpleasantness quite yet, we had to file a police report because Canadian authorities require this for a replacement passport. We found the Hydra police in a small dark office (at first we thought they were closed) where an un-uniformed fellow sat at a desk watching a Greek telenova. A second casually-dressed officer soon joined him and he took our case. For some reason Barney Fife and Andy Taylor came to mind.

The second fellow took our information, wrote the report, had Paul swear on his choice of thing to swear on (honor, holy book, mother, etc.) then told us to return later when they'd give us a copy.

With that out of the way we stopped at the Hellenic Seaways office to inquire about tickets for Wednesday. There we were told that the sailing schedule for November had yet to be released since it isn't November. I wondered what makes this November different from previous Novembers but I kept this thought to myself.

With these tasks out of the way we had a late breakfast and shopped for something small and unbreakable that would remind us of Greece.

We then walked along the coastal path to the nearby village of Mandraki, though I'm being generous with the word village. Since the island has no cars most everyone lives in the town of Hydra. You can't zip into town for milk, it's a walk or a donkey ride, or a horse ride away.

View from our patio      
Hydra town      
Strolling the Hydra waterfront      
How deliveries are made on Hydra      
Taking a break      
The path to Mandraki      
A monastery      
Mondraki, a tiny village      
Chapel in Mondraki      
Pastry shop