We're not in Kardamyli anymore

October 27, 2016 Oct 27, 2016   Athens, Greece

We left bucolic Kardamyli early this morning to travel to Athens. I'm not looking forward to a big bustling city after all those mellow Greek towns but I figure the museums and the Acropolis deserve a visit.

The road north from Kardamyli is as beautiful as the road south, winding around red rock cliffs and patches of forest that reminded me of Sedona. Our path then took us through Kalamata where traffic rules are merely suggestions. And then suddenly we were on the A7, an EU-standards-compliant toll highway so perfect in execution that 130 seemed slow. We made great time on the A7.

Soon we were back in Nafplio where we dropped off the Fiesta, ate yet another gyro (can one overdose on gyros?), then hopped the bus to Athens.


The Athens bus left us at the Eleonas (or ) metro stop and from there it was an easy trip to our apartment.

One of the first things I discovered while travelling in Greece is the challenge of names; in Greece a place can have a number of names. Of course you expect there to be a Greek name and an English name but there can be several additional variants. For example Nafplio, , Nauplia and Navplion all refer to the same place. Google maps might use one name, CityMaps2Go (which uses OpenStreetMap's data) another. It can be confusing.

Speaking of maps, Ulmon's CityMaps2Go app is my most used travel app. Assuming I've my phone, I'm never lost because I've got CityMaps2Go. It doesn't do navigation, it has few bells and whistles, but it works with your phone gps and the maps are really good, they even have a lot of hiking trails. For example, all the trails we hiked in Kardamyli are in there. To get around its lack of navigation I find my destination ahead of time and place a pin on the map at that spot, then i target that pin as I walk.

Of course Google is trying to get in on the action here - the offline maps space - but their offline maps suck are lacking. Maybe it's user error, maybe it's just too immature a product, whatever it is, I'm not finding Google's offline maps reliable just yet.

Only one photo to post today, the beautful Parthenon. Covered in scaffolding but I think that's a given. It's from a distance: I took this shot from our patio using my telephoto and converted it to B&W with Fuji's Acros. B&W hides a lot of sins in night time photography.

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The Parthenon      
The Parthenon      
The Parthenon