Dog Shots

September 5, 2016   Dog, XF16

A dog can make a good photographic subject. Of course, it depends on the dog. For example, our first dog, Buddy, never took to photography. He was a chow-lab mix who lived to the ripe old age of sixteen. Buddy would always turn his head away as soon as I pulled out the camera. Then he would walk off. All of the photos I have of him were chance shots, not posed. This first image is Buddy in 2004, at the Santa Cruz mountains house.

Lucy, on the other hand, has been amenable to photography. Today she was happy to pose, though maybe happy is not the best word choice as she is limping, having injured her right front leg again. (Worrisome that it keeps happening to the same leg.) Lucy was photographed with the Fuji 16/1.4 and the Chrome film sim.

I'm listening to Miles Davis' In a Silent Way. It always sounds fresh.