The 2016 Ballot

September 30, 2016   US Politics, 15/2.8

I'm working my way through several texts at the moment, The Odyssey, Trollope's The Warden, and my November ballot for the state of California. The last is hardest.

It's not all hard. It starts off easy, especially if you do the lazy thing (it's lazy according to my father) and vote a straight-party ticket. No party, skip. So no, I can't complain, not hard.

But this being California, the rest of the ballot contains propositions, lots of propositions. Twenty four this time. It's here in the propositions where the ballot gives the Odyssey a run for most variety though of course Homer is far better written.

The propositions on the ballot range from dry economics (bonds) to the tawdry (un-condomed porn stars). There are propositions on guns, illegal drugs, the death penalty, the death penalty again, plastic bags, and plastic bags again. There are propositions on the criminal justice system, English-language proficiency, prescription drug pricing, and whether to extend a tax on hospitals. Whew.

It's a lot to digest and become a faux-expert on overnight, though like most voters I look at who supports what and vote accordingly. I really don't know what I think of California's direct-ish democracy, it seems both messy and empowering, but I'll continue to participate in it. But there is one thing I know, I need a beer.

I'm listening to Seal's Don't Make Me Wait.

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