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July 13, 2016   XF16, Fuji X-Pro2

We're heading to Athens this fall so I'm listening to Edith Hamilton's The Greek Way. Her story of the Greeks makes a strong case for a visit.

Funny, Ive some hazy memories of this book. I think it was assigned in classical civilization. This was back in Austin when I was an undergrad studying chemistry. The classical civ professor showed slides from his travels and made history interesting even to me, a guy who preferred solid subjects like organic and linear algebra. I also liked the class because if you paid attention and read your notes the night before the exam you could pull an A. Unfortunately I don't remember a bloody thing discussed in class.

Speaking of travel, I've acquired a travel camera, to supplant my dslr. Its a mirrorless, aka an interchangeable-lens camera that lacks a through-the-lens viewfinder. It's smaller than my d800e, half the size or less, so Im looking forward to seeing how close I can approach my goal of travelling with a single carry on and nothing more.

Fuji X-Pro

Shortly after I got the Fuji I took a day trip, the Coho ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles. I have done this trip a lot, to the US and back to pick up mail. If the weather isn't too cold and wet I spend the three-hour round trip out on deck, looking to sea for the colorful container ships, whales, and sea planes taking off and landing right on the water in Victoria harbor.

This trip I left the Nikon and telephoto behind and took the Fuji with the 16. So no shots of far-away ships or airplanes, no sea beasts, only things that are close and that have an interesting background. The 16 is a really nice lens for this, in fact it's one of the reasons that I bought a Fuji. A great all-around focal length, fast to focus, a fast aperture, and macro-like close focus.

A couple weeks in, my overall impression of the Fuji is positive though if I make a list of pros and cons (in a future post) it would earn a mixed report card. It's not helped by being out of my hands and on its way back to Fuji in Mississaugua for a service. But i'm not fazed: being a follower of Nikon, l'm accustomed to new model teething problems.

I chose the three pictures below as examples of shooting the 16 wide open, with one thing in focus and everything else out of focus. All three are out-of-camera jpg's, the third using Fuji's lovely Acros film simulation.

In addition to The Greek Way I am listening to Car Seat Headrests (again), Destroyed by Hippie Powers.

Coho ferry      
Victoria harbour