Silver temple

February 16, 2019   Chiang Mai, Thailand
Iron bridge over the Ping river      
If you walk east of the old city's walls you'll encounter the Ping river, once a major transport route to and from the city.
Tuk tuk      
A tuk tuk is one of many types of transport in Chiang Mai.
Phra Singh Village hotel      
The Phra Singh Village hotel where we are staying is a quiet oasis in the old town. Breakfast is excellent. There are usually two cooks making eggs and satay and roasted vegetables, and inside is a huge buffet, all delicious, and changing every day. In the afternoon they serve snacks and local desserts, and again the offerings change each day. Come to Thailand for the food.
Red truck taxi or songthaew      
The red truck or songthaew is a common sight in Chiang Mai. It is a converted pick up truck with two benches in the back.
Making pad thai      
Wat Srisuphan      
Wat Srisuphan is better known as the silver temple. The exterior is illuminated with lights that rotate through several colours.
Wat Srisuphan      
Wat Srisuphan      
Wat Srisuphan