Unpleasant Emissions

September 23, 2015   50/1.2

I wonder if someone from the EPA was stuck in traffic when the idea came to investigate Volkswagen's diesels. I say this because in my experience it's the only car I know by smell. Two cars ahead. Even the shiny new ones.

Not that I've any ill will towards VW. I've owned a couple of gas Golfs and liked them both. I especially remember my first VW. It was silver, before silver became the new white. I lived in fucking cold Madison. I was there for grad school so I was taking classes and doing research and teaching a section of freshman chem. My apartment had no parking so I parked on a snowy street and had to dig the car out a lot. The Golf was great in the snow. Sometimes, during storms, I'd go out for a nighttime drive, to see blowing snow in headlights. Madison felt very different from Austin.

Anyway, no, indeed, I've no ill will towards VW. I've even a bit of respect for their idea, the brilliance of designing an emission system whereby the observer affects the observed. Of course, we only know about it because VW got caught and in that light it doesn't look so brilliant. I just wonder if it will be worth it. In other words, what is the take home lesson here?

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