Strawberries, Fresas and Fraises

July 23, 2015   Books, Gardening, 15/2.8

The berries in the picture are Albion strawberries from my greenhouse. I don't have a lot of success growing fruits and vegetables so I celebrate when I get something edible, and these are very edible. I started with a box of dry-rooted plants a few years ago and by the second year they were producing beautiful red berries like crazy. Not as sweet as the Quinault and Ever Sweet I added this year but boy these Albions are prettier. I thought they were done for this year, they looked tired and the few berries were devoured by pill bugs, but suddenly the bugs went away and the plants took off.

Along with pondering ways of eating strawberries I've been listening to two deliveries of Ulysses. I started the Ulysses read by Jim Norton on June 16. Soon afterwards I added Frank Delaney's re: Joyce podcast. Five weeks and 48 podcasts later I'm approaching the end of chapter one. So far Joyce has maintained my interest. At this pace I don't know how long it will take to complete the book but at least I am getting to know Joyce's stand in Stephen Dedalus, Buck Mulligan, the Englishman Haines, and a bit of Irish history, especially vis-a-vis the Brits.

I'm also working my way through Duolingo. No, I'm not doing Irish, I'm doing French and Spanish - I'm on a 50-day streak - and occasionally I do a lesson in Portuguese or Dutch. I hesitated to jump into two languages at once but I've found it not as confusing as I feared.

Adios and au revoir.

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Strawberries (Albion) from my greenhouse      
Strawberries (Albion) from my greenhouse      
Strawberries (Albion) from my greenhouse