I'm with stupid

January 20, 2016 Jan 20, 2016

I'm not sure whether the recently revealed reality star alliance will advocate more intervention or less in the middle east but this quote from Philip Gordon in Politico caught my eye:

When implying the United States can fix Middle Eastern problems if only it gets it right it is worth considering this: In Iraq, the U.S. intervened and occupied, and the result was a costly disaster. In Libya, the U.S. intervened and did not occupy, and the result was a costly disaster. In Syria, the U.S. neither intervened nor occupied, and the result is a costly disaster. This record is worth keeping in mind as we contemplate proposed solutions going forward.

But enough politics, let's look at a photo. There isn't a lot of color variety in the garden, it's mostly greens and browns, but this Snowberry is providing a little color relief.

I'm listening to "Wait For It" from Leslie Odom and the cast of Hamilton.