August 16, 2015 Aug 16, 2015   11-16, Astronomy

Sometimes I look at life as a series of experiments. Some experiments are solo (cooking, programming, running), some social (relationship, job, board membership), and they all generate data that I'll use in another experiment.

My current photography experiments are targeting a goal of creating a great shot of a falling meteor. While I'm not there yet I know what i want: many dots of starlight on a blacksky background, a foreground to give context, and all cut with a solid meteor streak. That's all. Well, that's a lot actually, as it depends not only on my skills but also on the weather and the moon light.

Experimentation so far has me using the 11-16 at 16, f/2.8, ISO 1250, and a target of the southern sky. The southern sky is a compromise: Port Angeles puts off a lot of light but any other direction is impeded by trees. I guess next time I'll have to forego the wine and take a drive to a nearby beach. I also wonder if i should boost the iso a bit. More experimentation.

Taking a series of long exposure shots is really tedious so I've found that if 30 seconds is long enough (more than 30 sec requires bulb mode) then Nikon's interval shooting function will take an evenings worth of shots for me, hands free. Interval shooting has three variables: interval length, shots per interval, and total number of intervals. So on the morning of the 14th I decided to take a series of 30-second shots from midnight till about 2 in the am ans so I set up the camera for one shot (aperture, iso, exposure) then set the interval function to take a shot every 65 seconds, with 1 shot per interval, and for a total of 120 intervals. I chose 65 sec intervals because the shutter is open for 30 then closed for 30 (long-exposure noise reduction), which totals 60 sec. I then added 5 sec as a cushion. Once set, all I had to do is press GO then head in for another glass of wine.

This was taken early on the morning of the 14th. I don't like the meteor streak as it's not solid but it sure was easy with the interval shooting function.

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