Ireland Yes

May 23, 2015   US Politics, Religion

The election results from Ireland came in quicker than I expected. My morning latte and scone were accompanied by the Guardian reporting that the margin for yes has already elicited a concession from the nos. Cool.

I've long considered making a visit to Ireland as I'm frequently seeing it charmingly portrayed on television and in the movies, and of course literature is full of Irish influence. Ireland's old town centers look to be well preserved and the countryside green and bucolic. Another plus is I'll be able to read signs and menus without a course in Duolingo, though I expect the natives may be hard to understand.

Those who voted no likely awoke to think the sky is falling. Maybe they can take comfort that other countries' experience with the issue predicts that in a few years the Irish will look back and say what was all the fuss about.

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