March 26, 2015 Mar 26, 2015   Valparaiso, 24-120/4, Simplify

I have no problem with taking a photo and manipulating the hell out of it, as long as it looks good, whatever good means. A couple weeks ago a local photographer shared a photo he'd processed with Topaz Simplify. The resulting image of the front of a building was more painting than photograph and I loved it.

So I had to try Simplify. And the first candidatethat came to mind was a staircase in Valparaiso.

Simplify seemed the perfect tool for Valparaiso. Valparaiso envelopes a cluster of seaside hills with crumbling buildings, tangles of overhead electrical wires, and lots of loose dogs. Against this background are many colorful murals and a seaside light and it all adds together to give a lot of pleasure to one's eyes.

In this picture Simplifythrows away the grubby detail so that all you see is color and shape and light. I like this example of Valparaiso's popular colored steps because of the addition of the cat and I think its a dog. There is a snake to left of the door but it appears simplified out of existence. Across the top, the black lines are actually electrical wires and the colored panels between them are artifacts of Simplify's simplification process.

What I'm listening to: The annotated Hamlet.

What I'm reading: Persuasion by Jane Austen.

24-120/4 at 6.3, 1/100 sec.

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Valparaiso stairs simplified      
Valparaiso stairs simplified      
Valparaiso stairs simplified