Benvenuti in Sardegna  14 October 2019  Cagliari  Italy  Sardinia 

We are at the start of a trip around the Mediterranean island of Sardinia (aka Sardegna) which we'll follow with a stay in Venice for the Biennale. First stop is Cagliari, a port city on the south end of the island. From Cagliari we'll drive north to Ulassai, west to Alghero, then east to Olbia where we'll take an overnight ferry to Genoa followed by a train to Venice.

Getting from the airport to Cagliari is easy as the intercity train stops at the airport. From the train station we've a short walk to our apartment. We found the apartment was just as advertised, charming and with an excellent location. Sometimes it's noisy but that's expected when you are in the town center. It's on a narrow stone street with food and things to look at everywhere. Most everything is old stone and beautiful. Three doors down is a live archeological dig. Up the hill is a church and castle, with lookout towers. There's even an underground church. Cagliari is overflowing with history.

Sardinian flag

After we dropped off our luggage in the apartment, we walked to the grocer to buy fluids and cookies. We always do this first on arrival. Next we went for pizza. We always do this, too. Tonight's pizza is served by charming Italian men in a pretty Italian plaza filled with people from work or shopping or just being a tourist. If only I could remember the Italian phrases I have been practicing the past month.

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