Hacienda Ochil

December 2, 2018   Mexico, Uxmal

Not far from Uxmal is Hacienda Ochil. It's a place where sisal was once grown and the leaves harvested then processed into fibers. It is now a restaurant and event space, as well as an open-air museum.

I'm listening to Brian Eno's An Ending (Ascent).

Abandoned mill with orange walls      
Cenote turned amphitheater      
The hacienda is now an event space, and events sometimes need an amphitheater. The owners created one from a cenote, which is a common geologic feature of the Yucatan. A cenote is a water-filled sinkhole that results from the collapse of limestone bedrock. They are sources of water but, as you can see, they can also serve other purposes.
Paul and Noema on tour      
Paul, Noema, and Alex (from Destino Merida tours) tour the grounds where the sisal plants were grown, harvested, transported, then processed.
Restaurant serves Yucatecan fare