Viva la Revolucion Mexicana

November 23, 2018   Mexico, SMA, Canada politics
Revolution Day parade      
We caught some of San Miguel's Revolution Day parade on the morning just before we caught a ride to the airport. Here is one of the many groups marching in the parade that wound through the streets of the city.
What we saw of the parade was largely students demonstrating their athletic and acrobatic skills. They'd been at it all morning. They'd move a bit, stop, perform a routine, then move a bit more. Repeat. I bet they were getting tired.
Acrobatic students, Revolution Day parade      
Traditional clothing, Revolution Day parade      

Speaking of revolutions, well that's a bit of hyperbole, but there is a big government change being considered right now, as we speak, in BC. And by this I mean the referendum on proportional representation. The referendum asks should we continue to elect MLAs1 using first-past-the-post (FPTP) or change to one of three proportional systems? I say sure. The only challenge to me is ranking the three options.

  • Option 1: Mixed member proportional (MMP) where each voter is represented by two MLAs. One is selected by FPTP, the second is based on party popularity at the whole province level.

  • Option 2: Rural urban proportional (RUP) combines MMP in rural areas and single transferable vote in urban areas.

  • Option 3: Dual member proportional (DMP) where most electoral districts are combined with a neighbouring district and represented by two MLAs. The largest rural districts will continue with one MLA elected by FPTP.

I confess I wonder whether I'm capable of an educated opinion on the proportional systems, perhaps the ballot should have stopped at the first question? But I'm going to come up with a ranking and along the way I'll expand my mind a bit as I study the proposals, and then I'll drive it over to the elections office. Having Canada Post on strike is awkward in the midst of a vote-by-mail election.

I'm listening to Balvin and William's Mi Gente which I also heard at the Revolution Day parade in San Miguel.

1Members of the Legislative Assembly