Kobo and the public library
19 October 2014    Kobo 
Kobo and the public library   
19 October 2014    Kobo   

Today I checked out Fodor's Southern Italy from the Vancouver Island Regional Library. Not because I particularly like Fodors, Rough Guide and Lonely Planet are more my taste, though it isn't for any concrete reason, maybe I just like what the names conjure up in my head. Anyway, I wanted to test the Kobo as library-book reader and Fodor's was the first hit for my search.

To get a library epub onto a Kobo do the following. Note that Adobe software must be installed and both the Kobo and computer authorized *before* you add any books.  

  1. Connect the Kobo to your computer, don't wait till later. 
  2. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions, which I'll call ADE, at http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions
  3. Run ADE, login or create an Adobe account. 
  4. Select Help / Authorize computer 
  5. Right click the Kobo entry and select Authorize
  6. Download book from the library.
  7. Drag and drop the downloaded library file onto ADE
  8. Wait while ADE downloads book. Right-click new book and select Copy to Kobo
  9. When copying is complete unplug the Kobo and look for the new book.

For subsequent books just do steps 1 then 6-9. The process certainly isn't insurmountable, but it would be nice if it were easier. Kobo should have the Adobe software built in. 

The accompanying image is notable only in that I took it on my iPhone a minute ago and ftp'ed it to this site using Panic's Transmit iOS. Panic's software makes this very easy. I just wish my Nikon had this capability. 

I'm listening to Second Heartbeat by Shy Girls. A bit too Michael Jackson though.