Shopping & eating in San Miguel

November 16, 2018   Mexico, SMA
Fresh tortillas      
Around the corner from our rented house, on the way to a coffee shop called Garambullo, there is a tortilla company and you can look through the window and watch the finished tortillas coming out of the oven and dropping into little tortilla catchers. Every so often someone comes in to collect the stack of tortillas.
Ribbons for sale      
All manner of stuff is for sale on the street. Like this colourfully-dressed woman selling brightly-coloured ribbons from her basket.
Paul at La Colmena      
Here is Paul loading his tray at La Colmena, a.k.a. the blue door bakery, in San Miguel. This is the same bakery that the author Tony Cohan shops at in his book On Mexican Time. At the bakery the breads and pastries and desserts change through the day, which can serve to rationalize yet another stop at the bakery. Gotta see what's new.
Mercado de Artesanias      

The Mercado de Artesanias is an interesting place to shop. It is a couple of minutes walk from our rented house. To get to it we walk past the gym/pilates/yoga/zumba studio that fills the morning air with the sounds of pulsing, energetic music, past the tortilla factory with it's bready smells, then turn the corner into the Mercado de Artesanias and the adjacent food market, Mercado Ignacio Ramirez. They comprise a three-block-long narrow pedestrian street lined with merchants of many types. Fresh vegetables, cooked foods, meats, bicycles, clothing, zapatos, pewter ware, and on and on, every imaginable type of good is available for sale. There are metal smiths making jewelry, women roasting corn, and butchers cutting meat.

We walk through the Mercado at least once a day. It's clean and neat and the merchants are friendly and relaxed, unlike the high-pressure salesmen in the somewhat-similar Istanbul Grand Bazaar.

San Miguel is chock full of stores, beautiful, artistic, eye candy stores, as you walk down the narrow sidewalks almost every turn of the head fills your eyes with another tempting place to shop, and we do, but we especially like the Mercado.

Mercado de Artesanias      
One of several entryways to the Mercado.
Mercade de Artesanias      
Mercado de Artesanias      
Gas truck on Homobono      
Everything goes better with...      
Coca-Cola is very popular in Mexico. It is also accused of exacerbating water shortages and contributing to increased rates of diabetes and obesity1.

1The New York Times' article In Town With Little Water, Coca-Cola Is Everywhere. So Is Diabetes.
Evening sky from our rooftop