Sunday in San Miguel

November 11, 2018   Mexico, SMA
Pointing to the door      
A few steps from our house on calzada de la Presa there is a church fronted with this circular object which makes me think of a mouth with pointed teeth. It provides a curious framing for the front door.
Carmen Jimenez' gallery exhibit      
A few meters from the circle with spikes is a gallery exhibiting Carmen Jimenez' ceramic works. This woman looks to be emerging from stone, or maybe a wrapping, and she's releasing rose petals as she appears.
Carmen Jimenez' Greed      
Carmen created a series of ceramic women titled greed, sloth, envy, and so on. This lady, Greed, is reaching for one more of what she already has a lot. Not pretty, but eye catching.
Carmen Jimenez' Sloth      
Carmen Jimenez' Transformation      
As mentioned previously, the north side of town, near our fave Neapolitan Pizza, is a neighborhood with a number of murals.
SMA is chock full of churches. The colours of this church, the orange against the blue sky, caught my eye.
I think he's going the wrong way      
A line of men on horses were slowly threading there way against the traffic in a car-clogged street.
Mexican flag      
Evening on Conde del Canal      
I'm standing on a narrow bridge, on Quebrada, looking west down Conde del Canal. This bridge is one of several locations mentioned in Tony Cohan's book On Mexican Time. For fun we're trying to find some of them. We've yet to find the author's street.
Yellow, blue and purple      
Evening on the street      

If only the universe could pause for awhile, to extend the duration of the evening light. I know, the soft light offers itself twice a day, but I've not the dedication most mornings to catch the early one.

This shot captures the typical narrowness of the sidewalks in the two Mexican towns I've visited.

Courtyard peek      
As in Merida, as you walk down the street, scrunched up on the narrow sidewalks, dodging slow-moving cars and squeezing past other pedestrians, typically with a smile and a buenos dias or buenos tardes or buenos noches, as you walk if you turn to look in an open door you see a whole rich world inside, an art gallery, a grocery, a bakery (yum!), or, like in this shot, an inviting restaurant. The hidden and then the sudden reveal.
A quadriptych hanging over the doorway into a restaurant.
Wedding pose      
These three were posing for their photographer. They are on the steps of the Parroquia on the Jardin Allende, the city's main square.
Ready to play      
The day ends on the Jardin Allende, the main square, which is full of people, and where I find these fellows suited up and ready to entertain.
Balloons for sale      
At least her load isn't heavy, but it sure looks awkward. Earlier in the day I caught a glimpse of a balloon seller squeezing his wares into a collectivo. Lots of people working hard to survive. Yet another reminder that I've been gifted a charmed life.