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A World Awash
15 July 2016.   Photography, Prisma  iPhone.
A World Awash
15 July 2016.  Photography, Prisma, iPhone.

Two friends commented to me in as many days that they'd taken to avoiding the news, it's too sad, too depressing. We've a 24x7 view into a world awash in weapons and grievances. And clearly we are not alone in observing this, as even the Times suggests cutting back.

So to clear my head of news I'm immersing myself in a story, and currently it's Audible's annotated (appreciated, they call it) Julius Caesar. Shakespeare's story, full of plots and betrayals, is dramatic, fast paced, and full of familiar phrases. In other words, it's wonderful, but it soon brings to my mind the morning news, which today is the Turkish coup, a story that nudged aside the horrors of Nice, which displaced the short-fingered vulgarian, ...

So let's get away from the news.

I alternate between hating and loving photo post processing, or the creation of what Mike Johnston calls photoart. Even though I'm a programmer I pause when it's obvious that a photographer's computer skills have overtaken catching the moment. Not that there is anything wrong with it, just that it's a different kind of art.

Which brings me to this example of algorithmic photo processing. I wish I didn't like it, but damn, I also wish I could take credit for what it can do. I chose the subject and pushed the shutter but the credit has to go to the brilliant iOs app Prisma. It simplifies an image, kindof like the Topaz Clarity plugin for Lightroom. But it does so much more, and the choices are based on a selection of what look like famous-artist-inspired themes. One of my favorites is actually named after an artist, Mondrian. I'm stunned by the beautiful images this app generates.

I'm listening to Easter Sunday, by the Danish String Quartet.