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Aug 29, 2016, Monday
Aug 29, 2016, Monday
Feb 8, 2017, Wednesday
At Sea    Coho Ferry Humor XC50-230
Feb 8, 2017, Wednesday
Apr 4, 2017, Tuesday
Odds and Ends, Mostly Birds    XC50-230 XF16 Ubud
Apr 4, 2017, Tuesday

Seals at Muir beach

August 29, 2016   Monday
XC50-230   Vancouver Isl

These Muir beach seals appear to be enjoying today's mild weather. That's the Olympic peninsula in the background.

Despite my enthusiasm for film simulations (see yesterday's post) this photo is not a sim, it's a raw file edited in Lightroom which for some reason I prefer to the Velvia and Acros sims that I also created.

I'm listening to an interview with Colson Whitehead (NYT books podcast, 8/11/16). He writes with Garcia Marquez' effortless transitions between realism and fantasy. The interview helped me see and understand some of the fantasies in his novel The Underground Railroad, which I just finished reading.

Seals, Muir Beach

At Sea

February 8, 2017   Wednesday
Coho Ferry   Humor   XC50-230
@barackobama when do u get back from vacation no reason everything is good just curious Tweet by ex-Colbert Report and Onion writer Dan Guterman

Container ship

Odds and Ends, Mostly Birds

April 4, 2017   Tuesday
XC50-230   XF16   Ubud

Even with the doors and windows closed (I've succumbed to running the bedroom's air con) the house is permeated by the sounds of bullfrogs, birds, and insects. It's a bloody symphony out there.

Eggs for breakfast      
Colour-coded currency      
The red bill in the upper left is a little over $10 Canadian. I don't know the colour of the million bill.
A festive street      
1 BTC = 14,923,633 IDR      
I've no idea why the shrine needs a ramp. So the cat can go up?
Positioning a pole      
I see many of this bird      
Bird family      
I was just about back at the house when I encountered this chicken family out for a walk. There is no shortage of chickens and roosters in Ubud.
Bird in flight      
I should have used a faster shutter as the bird is blurry. I've plenty of ISO to spare. Sigh. Like I said, it takes practice to catch these and do it well.