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Lots of lettuce.  19 May 2018.  Books Gardening XF 35/1.4
May 19, 2018
  Gardening, Books, XF 35/1.4  
Victoria's new bridge.  5 July 2018.  Victoria XF 35/1.4
Jul 5, 2018
  Victoria, XF 35/1.4  
Lots of lettuce  19 May 2018  Books  Gardening  XF 35/1.4 

The photo is of my first-ever success with lettuce. I've a bumper crop of tasty green leaves. I've so much lettuce, when friends visit I beg them to take some home.

You'd think I'd done this by now. I've mentioned that I grow tomatoes and basil and strawberries. But I've stubbornly insisted on growing lettuce outdoors, refusing to acknowledge that Otter Point, Canada, is just too cold for lettuce. No longer. I planted some in the greenhouse and viola, I've all the salad I can eat.

Speaking of the greenhouse, when I'm in it I'm usually listening to something on my iPhone via a little bluetooth speaker and recently my aural entertainment was Tom Hollander's spot-on reading of A Clockwork Orange. O my brothers, this is an excellent performance.

I'm so inspired by Alex, the main in Clockwork, that I'm listening to a malenky* bit of his fave composer Ludwig van, the Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13. As Alex would say, it's horrorshow.

*See the Nadsat dictionary.

The lettuce photo was taken with Fuji's 35mm 1.4, a lens that couldn't be better looking. It's just big enough to feature two nice-sized rings, one for focus and one for aperture (whatever happened to aperture rings?) and it's even got a metal hood that's shaped to shield the lens with the least lens-hood presence. I'm a sucker for good-looking things, and the Fuji is damn good looking.

The 35/1.4 is one of Fuji's oldest primes. Unlike the new ones it's noisy and it changes length while focusing, both of which bother reviewers. But it works perfectly with the Xpro's idiosyncratic optical viewfinder, and the 1.4 gives the photographer a lot of flexibility.

But it is beautifully sized, just big enough for a couple of nice-sized rings, for aperture and focus. It comes with a sweet metal hood. And it works beautifully with the X-Pro2's clever optical viewfinder. It's as if the lens was made for this camera.

I almost forgot: it takes sweet pictures, too.

The 35 reminds me of the older Nikon primes, like the 35/2 and 20/2.8, which I find charmingly light and small, far more attractive than their new versions.

Lots of lettuce      
Lots of lettuce      
Lots of lettuce
Victoria's new bridge  5 July 2018  Victoria  XF 35/1.4 
Victoria from new harbour bridge ++      
Victoria from new harbour bridge ++      
Victoria from new harbour bridge ++