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Jul 18, 2018, Wednesday
Green House    Gardening Panorama Samyang 12
Jul 18, 2018, Wednesday
Aug 9, 2018, Thursday
A couple of Perseids    Astronomy Samyang 12
Aug 9, 2018, Thursday
Oct 4, 2018, Thursday
Oct 4, 2018, Thursday

Green House

July 18, 2018   Wednesday
Gardening   Panorama   Samyang 12
Greenhouse panorama      

Here's a photo of the green house bursting with basil, greens, strawberries and tomatoes. It's a nice time of year if you are a plant lover.

The photo, a not-very-impressive panorama --- see how the table is bent? --- is made from 4 photos, shot with a Samyang 12, which is a wide and fast lens, it's a 2.0, but one that is also EXIF-free and strictly manual focus. The former, the lack of recorded data, I can't do much about, at least not easily, I could carry a notebook or use the Fuji's voice annotation feature, but the second weakness, the manual focus, is somewhat alleviated with Fuji's focus assist, the little snakey dots which run along edges that are in focus, focus being a set of points containing a sharp color change.

Ahh, but helpful as they are, the dots can be hard to see, especially on a sunny day and you're looking at a busy scene, like a greenhouse full of plants. The trick to using focus assist, to enhance the contrast of the in-focus areas, is to set the film sim to b&w, like Acros, which I love, then set the focus assist dots to something contrasty like bright red, the red-colored focus marks stand out well against the b&w. The only downside to this is it adds a step in post for all those times you want a film sim that isn't b&w.

While I'm doing this glueing together of photos I'm listening to k.d. lang, Pullin' Back the Reins, she has such a fine voice, she almost makes me like the sound of country. Almost. Oh and if by chance you notice some sentences running long it's because I'm reading Proust who is able to weave a luscious story into one long punctuation-rich sentence, something I cannot do, I don't really even aspire to achieve this feat, but I am awed at his ability to do so in so effortless a manner, and to inspire me to face each sentence as a mountain that must be climbed in one uninterrupted effort.

A couple of Perseids

August 9, 2018   Thursday
Astronomy   Samyang 12
The southern sky at 10:41 pm      

My first sky shot with the 12mm on the Fuji. You can see a bit of Milky Way and a Perseid or two. I expect the Nikon with the 15mm will do better --- it's running as we speak, the intervalometer taking a 30" shot every minute or so --- but the Nikon shots will have to wait until morning since it can't zap images to the iPad like the Fuji.

A sunny afternoon at the point

October 4, 2018   Thursday
Vancouver Isl   Samyang 12
Paul and Lucy @ Otter Point