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Nov 9, 2013, Saturday
17-55 DX on FX    17-55
Nov 9, 2013, Saturday
Dec 6, 2013, Friday
Dec 6, 2013, Friday
Dec 16, 2013, Monday
Dec 16, 2013, Monday
Oct 8, 2018, Monday
Oct 8, 2018, Monday

17-55 DX on FX

November 9, 2013   Saturday

The is of one of my last heirloom tomatoes of the season. Brought into the kitchen, it ripened to a beautiful blood red. This was my first year to grow heirlooms and must say I wasn't happy with the crop. Next year, I'll probably go back to the nursery plants. 

The tomato was shot with the 17-55 at 55 mm, f/5, 1/13 sec, iso 100, and cropped a bit to concentrate on the fruit. The D800E was sitting on the table. I find my 17-55 sharp, fast and quiet to focus, colorful, and sturdy enough for defensive purposes. I like the bokeh, too. It focuses as close as 14" (36 cm) as shown here. Downsides? It is heavy as a solid block of steel, and, especially with the hood, it's a bit too impressive in size. 

There is another downside to this lens. It is a DX and, from my testing, in only usable in FX mode between 45 and 55. Of course, the D800E offers a crop mode, effectively simulating a 15MP DX body, so it's still quite usable at other focal lengths if you're willing to give away half your pixels.

Since I like shooting wide and tend to leave the 17-55 at 17, I expect it to be replaced in my bag with the 20 mm 2.8d. Not nearly as nice a lens, the 20, but it is small and it fills the FX frame. Also, the 20 on FX gives a wider angle of view than the 17 on DX as the 20's equivalent on DX would be about 14. Said simply, the larger FX sensor captures more of a scene than a DX sensor, so the same focal length is wider on FX than DX. A common example is the 50 mm focal length which is considered a normal focal length on film SLRs and full-frame DSLRs; the 50 mm is a slight telephoto on DX as it sees less of the same scene and appears to give more reach.


Winter Arrives

December 6, 2013   Friday

Winter has arrived on the island: wind, snow, and temperatures below zero. Of course, if you're from, say, Winnipeg, you may find this shorts-and-flip-flops weather, like the fellow on line in front of me yesterday. But having sent much of my life in Texas and California, for me the weather is too cold for man or beast.

Two from yesterday. The day started with a colorful sunrise over the Juan de Fuca Strait (taken with the 17-55 at 55mm f/5.6), but it ended with a snowy drive to Victoria and back (35/2.0d at f/6.3), both on the D300.  

Strait of Juan de Fuca      
West Coast Road, Otter Point

East Sooke Coastal Trail

December 16, 2013   Monday
17-55   Vancouver Isl

Yesterday I hiked the coastal trail in East Sooke Regional Park, from Aylard Farm to Beachey Head. The coast-hugging hike is rocky and the trail footing treacherous in places. To be fair, the experienced rock climber, and there was at least one among us, will find the path but a stroll in the park. But I am not so brave.

I kept the D300 snugged into my pack much of the day to keep it from distracting my scrambles over the exposed damp rocks that hang over the rough waves of the strait. This reminds me to pull out the camera harness I wore when hiking in the Alps. 

I'm not pleased by any of the day's shots. This means more work to find a single photograph to show for the day's hike. This is in contrast to the rare instances when I like a shot, in which case it is easy to process as I recognize when I'm done. The second-tier shots are hard to massage because I don't know what to do with them. I find myself taking these shots along several different paths, a time consuming process.

The accompanying pictures of the hiking group are one picture (or a set) processed several ways. The multiplicity isn't because this is a fine shot; just the opposite. Perhaps the best of a poor lot. The first two result from a 5-shot HDR set: the brightest by Nik, the second Photomatix. The third is the middle shot processed with Capture. And the fourth is from NIk's Silver Efex. Nik's HDR colors are bright for my taste but I'm entertaining the idea that their intensity will grow on me. The exif shows the 17-55 was at 17mm and f/9.

The take home: bring a circular polarizer, especially if shooting by the water and/or on a sunny day. 

5-shot HDR from Nik      
5-shot HDR from Photomatix      
Capture NX2      
NIK Silver FX

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

October 8, 2018   Monday
Vancouver Isl   17-55

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Unlike the American version it's in October, it's not followed by a big shopping day, and it doesn't morph into an almost week-long holiday. Otherwise, it's pretty similar.

This photo was taken on Botanical Beach, which is about a 45 minute drive northwest of Otter Point. Of all the times I've been to Botanical the first, when this was taken, was photographically the most fruitful. It's also a demonstration of the utility of a circular polarizer as without it you'd not be able to see deep into that puddle.

Botanical Beach