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Mar 26, 2015, Thursday
Simplify    Valparaiso 24-120/4 Simplify
Mar 26, 2015, Thursday
Jun 19, 2015, Friday
Fan Tam Alley    Simplify 15/2.8 Victoria
Jun 19, 2015, Friday
Aug 10, 2015, Monday
Tilting at Windmills    Alberta Simplify 70-300vr
Aug 10, 2015, Monday
Jan 13, 2017, Friday
Blue Boat(s)    Greece Simplify Silver Efex Postprocessing Hydra
Jan 13, 2017, Friday


March 26, 2015   Thursday
Valparaiso   24-120/4   Simplify

I have no problem with taking a photo and manipulating the hell out of it, as long as it looks good, whatever good means. A couple weeks ago a local photographer shared a photo he'd processed with Topaz Simplify. The resulting image of the front of a building was more painting than photograph and I loved it.

So I had to try Simplify. And the first candidatethat came to mind was a staircase in Valparaiso.

Simplify seemed the perfect tool for Valparaiso. Valparaiso envelopes a cluster of seaside hills with crumbling buildings, tangles of overhead electrical wires, and lots of loose dogs. Against this background are many colorful murals and a seaside light and it all adds together to give a lot of pleasure to one's eyes.

In this picture Simplifythrows away the grubby detail so that all you see is color and shape and light. I like this example of Valparaiso's popular colored steps because of the addition of the cat and I think its a dog. There is a snake to left of the door but it appears simplified out of existence. Across the top, the black lines are actually electrical wires and the colored panels between them are artifacts of Simplify's simplification process.

What I'm listening to: The annotated Hamlet.

What I'm reading: Persuasion by Jane Austen.

24-120/4 at 6.3, 1/100 sec.

Valparaiso stairs simplified      
Valparaiso stairs

Fan Tam Alley

June 19, 2015   Friday
Simplify   15/2.8   Victoria

Just off Fisgard in Victoria's small Chinatown is the narrow Fan Tam Alley, a good place for a wide-angle lens. This was taken with a fisheye then processed with Topaz Simplify to get this, well, simplified version.

Fan Tam Alley Simplified

Tilting at Windmills

August 10, 2015   Monday
Alberta   Simplify   70-300vr

Last week being debate week in both the US and Canada I've wracked my brain for something to say about their respective campaigns but all I've come up with is the obvious, Canadian elections are short, cheap, and dull whereas American elections are long, expensive, and involve god quite a lot.

I'm back from a short trip to the Canadian prairies. It's all plains and sky, greens and yellows and blues. I see a shot like this as being more representational than one with a lot of detail, though maybe it just means I'm a frustrated artist.


Blue Boat(s)

January 13, 2017   Friday
Greece   Simplify   Silver Efex   Postprocessing   Hydra

Stepping off the ferry in Hydra the first thing that caught my eye was a blue boat. A lovely blue, it reminded me of a plastic-toy blue offered on the first-generation Miata. So I thought I'd have some fun with the blue boat set against the town as backdrop. First I cropped some sky off the top and some sea off the bottom which left just a band of each with a band of land in the middle.

Blue Boat, Hydra      
Next I ran the image through Silver Efex, keeping just the blue of the boat. The preset name, in this case High Structure Harsh, is shown in parentheses in the photo title.
Silver Efex (High Structure Harsh)      
I ran the partial b&w, the Silver Efex version, through Simplify. This seems to have messed with the blue, it took out the hint of turquoise. I like this blue but it's definitely not the same blue.
Silver Efex then Simplify (Oil Painting II)      
Yes, finally, the last blue boat. This is the original processed with Simplify. As with any of these tools, this example only hints at what you can do. The presets make fast work of it, but everything is changeable so you're not limited in any way.