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Releases with zeroes  12 February 2015  CakePHP  Programming 

I've created a photo gallery for Harbourside cohousing. The gallery is at It's a simple site, it doesn't anything to do but display photos. I wrote it from scratch using the usual cast of characters, php, jquery, css and html. Yes, I could have used any number of free sites, like Flickr, and pay sites like Smugmug, and there is nothing wrong with that strategy, but I wanted to do it myself so I can agonize over every pixel and every space. 

I may need to clarify that my definition of "from scratch" includes building on the newest release of Cakephp, labelled 3.0.0. This is my second Cake app. I like this architecture because, like the similarly-designed Ruby on Rails, Cake makes a lot of decisions for me and it generates pretty much all the database code I need. These are huge time savers. This isn't to say it makes all my decisions: for example, it was up to me to design the photo storage, around which the app revolves.    

My previous cake app used the tried and true release 2. I hesitate to embrace something with a bunch of zeroes in its version. But so far 3.0.0 hasn't disappointed. Its only weak area is documentation. 

The site is ready to show to the group save some testing. So before sending an email to the users I ventured from my test environment of iOS 8, chrome, firefox, and ie 11.  I found it breaks under ie10. The parser in the latest browsers allowed an extraneous space in an html element, but an older browser didn't.

I can't test on all browsers so the best I can do is run the site through the html validator which found two errors.

Error one: You know how in c you can have a comment line like this, /**********/? Well, it turns out that you cannot have an html comment that looks like this:< !----> . Yes there is an extra space after the first angle bracket.

Error two: you can use data-id=".." inside a div but not data="..". I wish my browsers were less forgiving, perhaps there is a setting. I could also sit down and read the specs. 

Song of the day: Bloodflows, which is techno from SOHN.