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  1.  iPhone 6Thursday, 25 September 2014 ~ iOS,
Sep 25, 2014
  2.  iOS 8 impressionsSunday, 5 October 2014 ~ iOS,
Oct 5, 2014
1. iPhone 6
Thu, 25 Sep 2014 ~ iOS 
1. iPhone 6
, Thursday, 25 September 2014 ~ iOS

I went to Costco yesterday to buy an iPhone 6. Sight unseen. Could ten million, or was it 100 million, be wrong?

Costco has them in stock so I think easy peasy but I forget about all the phone decisions that I've to make.

First decision is carrier. Contract over, I'm a free agent. Unfortunately the three Canadian carriers are indistinguishable by price or features so I decide based on vague comparisons of speed and tower batteries which is not unlike tossing a coin. 

Memory? The middle, 64.

Finish can be one of grey, a different grey, or white. Of course it doesn't matter as the phone goes into a padded case which I have to shop for later. I decide on grey.  

Finally, there is the extended warranty. When I listen to a salesperson recite reasons for an extended warranty my impulse is to turn and go home. I resist the urge. Jonathan, the patient salesman, presents my options and then makes the case for AppleCare by sharing an anecdote of someone who saved money by buying AppleCare. He also mentions the breaking news that the new iPhone is prone to bend. Is he trying to tell me to stick with Android? Undeterred, I decide to spend the $95.

My AppleCare choice is affirmed by the young woman at checkout who volunteers her wonderful AppleCare experience: she loves loves loves her iPhone 5 and she loves that Apple has replaced it four times! I resist the urge to ask her what she thinks about the quality of a device that seems to fail every 6-9 months.

I leave the store pleased with my warranty decision. Not so sure about the phone, though.

Shot with a 50 mm ais at f/16, 1/40 sec.  

2. iOS 8 impressions
Sun, 5 Oct 2014 ~ iOS 
2. iOS 8 impressions
, Sunday, 5 October 2014 ~ iOS

The downside of expanding your repertoire of platforms is that you expand your repertoire of platforms. 

One of my websites, jdflandtrust.ca, breaks on iOS 8. It looks fine on Windows and my (old) Android. But on the iPhone 6 both Safari and Chrome show the site's full-screen view instead of the mobile view. Complicating matters is that my other sites behave well, if not even better on the new phone. What have I done differently? 

I need to re-visit media queries. Either the breakpoints or the tests are not right. (And maybe mobile should be default.) My first test shows it is fixed by replacing max-width with max-device-width but not sure I like this. I think it ties the value to hardware, which hampers usage on the desktop.

For those following at home, the iPhone 6 is 1334 x 750 pixels at 326 ppi. My old Android is 480 x 800 pixels and 217 ppi.  

Which provoked me to collect my impressions of iOS to date. 

Advantage iOS 8 

  • O/S updates. I don't think o/s updates are as easy on Android. In comparison, Apple has put out two updates in the short time I've owned iOS 8. I suppose this could be considered a disadvantage.
  • No crapware. The Android came loaded with second-tier programs that couldn't be removed. 
  • iTunes and podcasts. Android doesn't have iTunes.  
  • Yahoo mail has threads.  
  • Evernote and Dualingo look great.
  • The UI is elegant and more consistent across apps and controls.
  • The touchpad is well integrated and more useful than I expected.
  • Copy/paste is easier, though it is subtle.
  • Much more reliable silent mode. It is easy to accidentally get out of silent mode on Android. I want a phone that is quiet by default.    

Worse on iOS 8

  • Keyboard. There is no holding down a key to get the shifted character. To type a number or punctuation on the three keyboards I've tried you have to press shift then the key. Awkward.
  • No widgets. I found the google calendar widget very useful. 
  • The app store only recognizes US addresses. So how are Canadians to buy apps or music? 
  • No haptic feedback. 
  • Apps don't have exit buttons. You have to push home twice then flick app away to get rid of it. Or at least I think that is closing it. 
  • No tagging in Evernote. What's with that?
  • Yahoo mail sometimes won't delete. But then, Yahoo's performance on both mobile and desktop has been sucky for a while now. Must move to gmail. 

 I'd say if you like iTunes get an iPhone. Otherwise, it's a draw.