I'm James and these are my photo-centric travelogues.
Travel shows a list of travelogues. Inside each travelogue you can navigate forward in time (to right) or backward in time (to left).

Posts shows a chronological list of posts plus links to random post or photo.

About shows this page.

Photos shows a grid of up to 9 photos. The photos are in chronological order with newest in upper left. From here you can navigate forward in time (to right) or backward in time (to left), in 9-photo chunks.

Find has two paths because posts are categorized by keywords and photos are identified by location.
   - Find post by keyword. The list of keywords is organized by category, usually country.
   - Find by keyword & location. Pick from combined list of post keywords and photo locations.

Links in posts and photos
Map shows the location via OpenStreetMaps. This isn't reliable with the x100V photos though because the Fuji isn't good at asking the iPhone for gps coordinates.

Click on a post's title to see the last-edited date; the post's URL; and shortcuts to first/last in set if post is part of a set.

Click on a photo's title (the text under the photo) for more information on the photo.

Click on a keyword (a word, usually a location, after the post's date) to search for posts that share that tag.

Click on L, M, or S to see Large, Medium, or Small photos. This is not always an option.
3x3 photos page
The 3x3 photos page is an unfortunately-complicated page. Here are the essentials:

In the upper left is a left-arrow (<) link that, if present, navigates to an older 3x3 page. The upper right has a similar arrow to see newer photos.

The letters A P C E L A T N F S M correspond to filters for favorite photos based on category: A is for All photos. Others are People, City, Event, Landscape, Art, Transportation, Nature, Food, Structure, and Memorable, the latter being sort of a best of the best.

All dates shows all photos whereas you can limit to photos uploaded (not captured) in the past 31 days, 7 days, or 1 day.

Capture order orders photos by capture date whereas Added order orders by date added.

Photos shows the 3x3 display of thumbnails whereas Locations displays a page of locations for filtering.

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