Latest post is the most recent post.

All posts is a list of all posts.

Find post by keyword. Almost everything on this page is a link.

All photos shows a filter-able 3x3 grid of photos.

Random photo selects and displays a photo that matches the current photo filter. Press Random photo again for another random photo. Once the photo is displayed the numbers above the photo are links to the last (up to 10) photos.


If shown, the orange link in the upper left navigates to a newer item whereas the link in the upper right (if shown) navigates to an older item.

Photos can be displayed as individual photos or in 3x3 sets. Clicking on a photo usually jumps between the displays.

In the 3x3 photo set the newest photo is in the upper left corner, the oldest in the bottom-right corner.

Navigation in the 3x3 photo sets can also be via set number.

Searching and filtering

Posts can be searched by keyword. Your last search shows up in the menu.

Photos can be filtered by location, rating (0-4), and/or date added. Whatever filter you choose is applied to the 3x3 set and the random photo.

Posts have un-obvious click points:

Click the date (it's right of the post title) to see the url of that post.

Click a keyword (it's right of the date) to find more posts with that keyword.

Click the under-the-photo caption or camera icon (if one is displayed) to see location, date, and exif. Once there click the location to filter photos by location.

Click on the photo itself to display the photo in context with other photos, in a 3x3 grid.

Photos have un-obvious click points:

Click the location to filter photos by location.

Click the post name (if there is one) to show that post.

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