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Pyramides d'Euseigne
16 Mar 2021     Haute Route     Similar photos
Pyramides d'Euseigne   
16 Mar 2021    Haute Route posts    Haute Route photos 

Some odd objects appeared out the window as we passed through the town of Euseigne. Art installation? No, turns out they're natural and are called fairy chimneys. Apparently there are people who think fairies exist and they need chimneys. I've encountered fairy chimneys before, in Goreme, though the Turkish ones are larger, more phallic. Different fairies I suppose.

The village [Euseigne] is famous for its fairy chimney rock formations named Pyramides d'Euseigne. These are small natural reliefs, which are between 10 and 15 meters tall, are crowned by a stone, and were formed by the deterioration of moraines. Thanks to their relatively big weight, these blocs protect the pyramids by compressing the underlying moraine. These pyramids were shaped after the last glaciation, and after the disappearance of the glaciers which were overwhelming Hérémence and Hérens valleys, between 10,000 and 80,000 years ago. Wikipedia on Euseigne