Zonza and the GR20

October 8, 2017   Zonza, France, Corsica

I like Zonza. It is a charming village set on a lush green hillside and with a number of nearby hiking trails. It has my essentials: decent patisseries (we jokingly named one Luke's and the other Loreli's, both characters in a favorite tv show), a number of nice restaurants (though half were already closed for the season), and a grocery store. I didn't see any interesting shopping but that doesn't mean it isn't there. Actually, nowhere in France did we do much shopping.

Another beautiful day weather wise. After breakfast at Luke's we drove again to the Col de Bavella to hike a bit of the GR20, the trail that runs the length of Corsica. Unlike yesterday, today's trail was a vertical rocky scramble to a high overlook. During the hike we saw a large group of student rock climbers edging their way up a granite cliff, then we saw a team of rescuers carry an injured climber to a helicopter.

After a lunch of charcuterie, a Corsican speciality, we headed back to Zonza where we did another short hike into the forest.

Walking to the patisserie in Zonza      
We referred to the town's two pastry shops as Luke and Lorelei, after two characters on a favorite tv show.
Yellow stripes mark the GR20      
Every time I hike in BC I wonder why they don't mark hiking trails using paint stripes. It's simple, cheap, visible, and it works all over Europe.
View from the GR20      
Paul hiking      
Climbers scaling rock wall      
Climbers close up      
View from GR20 to the Col de Bavella      
Paul contemplating the Aiguille de Bavella      
Helicopter ambulance      
The quickest way to hospital      
Charcuterie, a Corsican speciality      
Here we are outdoors, up in the mountains, great views, enjoying the meat-heavy local cuisine.
Evening hike