The Acropolis and Museum

January 16, 2017 Jan 16, 2017
   Athens, Greece
++ Acropolis from museum      
++ Acropolis from museum      
++ Acropolis from museum      
The pool of knowledge is limited; its the pool of ignorance, speculation and misunderstanding that is infinite. Pico Iyer, What do we know?

The photo is of the Acropolis as seen from the nearby Acropolis Museum. The museum, the building I'm in, is built over ruins, you can see them through the glass floors. Novel to me but I suppose you can't scratch the Greek earth without turning up some ruins. And I imagine that planning for and working around historic remains must add to construction costs.

All of these ruins were especially curious to me since I live where pretty much everything is built of materials that barely last a lifetime. Fortunately the Greeks weren't short of beautiful stone, a material that lasts hundreds of lifetimes.

I like the photo despite, or maybe because of, the mom and kid in the corner. They seem to be a little too in the corner but then again, maybe that's a reason to like it. What also caught my eye was the grid of the window frames and the pattern of layers made up of sky, ruins, town, and museum. It's all very geometric.

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