Coming Out

June 26, 2015   US Politics

I remember what I felt when I met my first happy, well-adjusted gay person. He had studied philosophy at Berkeley and had come to Austin to study computer science. We were talking over coffee after class, operating systems I think it was. He casually mentioned his boyfriend.

Huh, he was a gay programmer.

He was well-read, scientific, interesting, and not at all stereotypical. Well, aside from being thin and neat.

I listened to him talk about his studies and relationship and I suddenly felt sick. A combination of panic and relief washed over me. Id never met anyone who was in every way so normal, aspirational even, and yet gay.

That was the day my internal narrative changed. From that point on I knew I was gay.

Role models matter.

Two good court cases this week. Maybe we can talk about guns now.

The picture is of Sheringham Point lighthouse, in Shirley BC. The sun star is good but the picture would be better without the building on the left.