June 16, 2015   15/2.8, Books

My first lens purchase - separate from the one that came with the camera body - was Nikon's 10.5 mm fisheye. This was when the D70 was a new camera. I loved the lens then and I still love it today because it captures the full 180° view of what my eyes see. Yes it lacks the brain's ability to de-fish and yes you can de-fish in software but it doesn't look any good if you ask me. I shoot assuming what i see is what I'll get. Not only is it wide, it's the closest focusing lens I own.

The accompanying photo is an example of what I use the fisheye for: to capture the inside of a room. In this case the room is my greenhouse and I'm using a Sigma 15mm, a full-frame fisheye. My initial impression is that, just like the Nikon, the Sigma's output doesn't need much sharpening. But I found my exteriors blown out so I'm using some negative exposure comp. For example, this is second-darkest of a exposure-bracketed set of five.

Today, Bloomsday, I added Ulysses to my audible collection. After an hour of listening, while I transplanted basil seedlings, it struck me that Ulysses needs more attention so I'll listen when I can give it full focus. Perhaps this will be the year I finish this book.

Dualingo French progress: I'm on a 12-day streak, up to People lesson 2. Damn further than I ever got to with Dualingo's Spanish and Italian. I feel like I'm getting through the lessons faster, a lot faster, but don't know if I'm actually retaining stuff or maybe it's an illusion as you can't fail a lesson anymore.

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