Cappuccino and the Champs-Elysees, Merida style

November 29, 2018   Merida, Mexico
Latte Quatro Sette on calle 47      

My first stop most mornings in Merida. Just steps away, my only complaint was they opened late, 8am. (I should have appreciated it, in San Miguel it was 9.) The same two ladies greeted me every morning, I usually got a latte for $55 or a cappuccino for $45. Sometimes a biscotti or cookie. Supposedly under same ownership as the excellent Oliva restaurant a few doors down. There's a lot of good eats on calle 47.

Paseo de Montejo      
Walk a couple of short blocks on calle 47 and you meet the Paseo de Montejo. Envisioned as Merida's Champs-Elysees, the Paseo is a tree-lined boulevard with wide sidewalks and some lovely buildings. There are also several restaurants, a chocolate museum and store (I enjoyed the chocolate), and several places to eat. It's a little sleepy most times, I don't think Paris has any need to worry, but it is lively on Sunday mornings.