Buddha, Thailand National Museum      
Buddha, Thailand National Museum      
Buddha, Thailand National Museum      
Hits and misses  23 February 2019  Bangkok  Chiang Mai  Thailand 

Our last day in Thailand.

Hits: The food, the food, the food. Bangkok's river. Phra Singh Village hotel in Chiang Mai. Loy La Long hotel in Bangkok. Chiang Mai street markets. Mango shakes. EVA airlines.

Misses: Too much Chiang Mai, not enough Bangkok. Too many temples. Maybe I should have gone to see some elephants.

In summary I liked Bangkok more than expected and Chiang Mai less. Chiang Mai is not an attractive town and it's a challenging place to walk which is a shame as it's sized right for walking and the temperatures are marginally more comfortable. Bangkok just looks cleaner, is more attractive, and is easier walking. If only it weren't so hot and humid.

Next stop, Ubud.