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Oct 13, 2017, Friday
Oct 13, 2017, Friday
Oct 14, 2017, Saturday
Oct 14, 2017, Saturday
Oct 15, 2017, Sunday
Oct 15, 2017, Sunday
Oct 16, 2017, Monday
Oct 16, 2017, Monday
Oct 16, 2017, Monday
Lyon at Night    France, Lyon  
Oct 16, 2017, Monday
Oct 17, 2017, Tuesday
Lyon's Notre-Dame    Lyon France  
Oct 17, 2017, Tuesday

Toulon petit dejeuner

October 13, 2017   Toulon, Lyon, France

Our ferry arrived in Toulon at 7am. Soon after we were walking to the Gare de Toulon to catch the 11am TGV to Lyon. Lonely Planet has little to recommend about Toulon, Rick Steves doesn't even mention it, but I credit Toulon for a delicious breakfast. We were walking up a market street, the farmers and other vendors were setting up for the day, when we stepped into a patisserie and I had a delicious tart made of nuts and raisins with an almond filling. Mmmmm. Their cafe au lait was good too. The French, with their pastries, quiches, and espressos, serve my favorite breakfasts.

This patisserie was also notable to me by its customer-payment process, something I've only seen in Europe. It's all done by machine. People handle the food but not their money. Customers feed bills and coins into a machine that then dispenses change. Clever.

Nothing particularly notable about the TGV. It was fast and quiet but a bit cramped.

Gare de Toulon      
Paul waiting for train      
A good place for dinner      
Lyon and La Saone

Streets and traboules of Lyon

October 14, 2017   Lyon, France

Today we walked around the Confluence, where the Rhone and Saone rivers meet; the mid-town shopping area; and the old town, which is on the other side of the Saone river. I'm finding Lyon nice enough but it's strange to be in a big city after wandering the countryside and small towns of Corsica. I'm unaccustomed to crowded sidewalks and auto traffic. And there are so many choices that I feel a bit of decision overload.

As you can see from the photos the weather gods continue to bestow warm, sunny days on us (though the photographer in me would like clouds).

Buildings along the Savone      
Musee des Confluences      
Prominently located at the confluence of the Rhone and Saone rivers, this museum brings to mind a space alien shedding its skin. Or maybe a space alien emerging from the earth. In any case it looks a bit alien to Lyon.
A TGV arriving at Gare de Perrache      
A cool door      
Electric bikes      
Traboule entrance, #27 Rue St Jean      
The old city’s traboules are dark and dingy passageways that provide shortcuts linking the old town’s three main north-south streets. These sorts of passageways are also found in the Croix Rousse neighborhood. Most were constructed in the 19th century by silk and other textile merchants so they could transport their goods protected from the weather. More recently, the traboules are credited with helping the resistance fighters hide from the occupying Germans during World War II. Today many of the traboules are free to enter and explore by the public.
Looking up in a traboule      
Tower in traboule courtyard      
Leaving a traboule

Contemporary art at the MAC

October 15, 2017   France, Art, Lyon

We took the metro to Lyon's Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) where we saw their "Floating worlds" exhibit. The three floors of mixed-media exhibits - found objects, music, videos, and interactive pieces - were entertaining but more Rube Goldberg than Picasso, which is where my mind goes when I think contemporary. The exhibits included:

- A small black room with a floor half-covered by popcorn and lit by black light.

- A fan blowing on a hanging light which occasionally illuminates a photoelectric cell that triggers a scanner that sends its scan to a computer monitor. Times 5.

- A book in a glass box whose pages are turned by a fan. Interesting only because the artist, Laurie Anderson, is one of my favorite musicians. I didn't know she made museum art.

- A video of cows and then cow-shaped kites titled Let's Make Cows Fly.

- A video where a woman comes out of a wind tunnel, sets up a music stand, takes out a flute, then plays. Wind blows.

- A video of 150 people dressed in black tearing out the black pages of a black book, throwing them down, then reassembling them.

You get the idea. At times I thought the most creative aspect of the exhibit was the descriptive text accompanying each piece.

Literally and figuratively, the artist accomplished the dissemination of logocentrism and its hierarchies, for the sake of the incommunicable and the imagination. From the MAC exhibit guide on a poem by Ewa Partum.

I suppose I'm sounding like a philistine.

Ernesto Neto's fabric and sand pieces      
Delivery truck for contemporary art      
More More [Leaky]: The Falling Water Given #4-6      
The juxtaposition of the fixed images and wooden structures supporting kinetic water-courses, with objects found in situ, invites us to consider the symbotic relationship between nature and technology, aesthetic beauty and function. From the MAC exhibition guide on Yuko Mohri's More More [Leaky]: The Falling Water Given #4-6.
Museum exhibits      
Heading home from the museum

Musee des Beaux Arts

October 16, 2017   France, Art, Lyon

Lyon's Musee des Beaux Arts is located in a charming old building, a former abbey, in the heart of the city and adjacent to the beautiful Hotel de Ville de Lyon, or Lyon city hall. Its collection ranges from Egyptian antiquities to impressionist paintings. We came for the paintings.

Louis Janmot      
Dagnan-Bouvert's La Noce chez le photographe      
Degas' Danseuses sur la scene      
Paul studying a painting      
Maillol's La Montagne      
Sculpture hall      
Lunch with museum in background      
Hotel de Ville de Lyon      
The beautiful Lyon city hall. The museum is the building out of sight on the right, facing this nice though under-construction park.

Lyon at Night

October 16, 2017   France, Lyon

Lyon at night      

Lyon's Notre-Dame

October 17, 2017   Lyon, France

The Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourviere is a large church at the top of Fourviere hill. It's a large church, visible from a distance. The interior highlight is a set of six large, colourful murals, made of tiles, that tell the story of the Virgin Mary. After visiting the church we walked to the nearby Roman theater which is still in use for concerts and festivals.

Notre Dame is at the upper right      
A lot of steps to get up the hill      
Notre Dame      
Notre Dame      
Notre Dame      
Roman theater      
A mural of famous French people      

The backside of this narrow seven-storey building is covered with a detailed mural featuring famous people in French history. It looks quite real, even close up, and reminds me of a similar, though smaller, mural in Quebec City.

Lyon seen from Fourviere hill      
And with this post I'm done. We're packed for the flight home to Canada. It has been a great trip. The French people have been friendly and helpful, and the scenery has been varied and beautiful. Au revoir à la France.