Southern Italy & Sicily
6 Nov 2014   Sorrento, Italy    Goto last    More photos   

The first thing we did upon arrival in Naples is catch a bus to Sorrento (10 €/person). The ride was about ninety minutes. As the bus traveled south what I saw brought to mind South America with dreary apartment blocks and neglected construction projects. Through the clouds I see outlines of mountains, a promising break from the foreground's monotonous sprawl. As the bus headed towards Sorrento it hugged a rocky cliff. Here and there terraces held olive trees with nets strung between them. Homes drilled into cliffs perch perilously over the Mediterranean. The scenery grew ever more spectacular with each hairpin curve of the road.

Our destination, the Marina Piccola 73, was once a coast guard station but is now a small hotel with nine modern rooms just steps from the water. I'm listening to the beat of ocean waves as I write this. The only downside to the hotel is the long set of steps to get up to the town.

The last thing we do this long first day is walk up to Sorrento to buy wine and eat pizza. The pizza, with anchovies, tomato sauce, and basil, is wonderful.

One picture was taken from the hotel room balcony looking out at Sorrento's small harbor. The other is the road to the harbor.