Salta to Tilcara
24 Feb 2014   Tilcara, Argentina    Goto first   Goto last    More photos   

We missed the morning bus to Tilcara so ate lunch on the square in rainy, green Salta. Plaza 9 de Julio is lined with charming old buildings fronted by covered walkways and sidewalk cafes. We ate pizza, South America's unofficial dish, maybe the world's unofficial dish, and flan smothered in a new favorite flavor, dulce de leche.

The police in Argentina remind me of Italian Carabinieri in the style and fit of their dark uniforms—it's a very good look.

There are loose dogs everywhere, like in Turkey, though Istanbul was mostly cats. They seem benign but I keep my distance as I can´t help but flash back to the dog pack that threatened us in Alacati. We avoided rabies vaccines only because a local fellow came to our rescue.

The road from Salta to Tilcara starts in green farmland and passes through many nondescript towns. A lot of the homes are topped with exposed rebar as in Peru and I wonder if it is also to avoid a completion tax—the Peruvian guide told me homeowners claim the buildings are still under construction years after they´ve been occupied. 

After four hours the bus arrived in Tilcara, a half hour late as the driver stopped at the bus repair shop to have the door fixed and to do other stuff I couldn't see. It was almost dark when we arrived but my initial impression of Tilcara is very positive. The altitude, 2,500 m, will take a little adjustment though.

It is midnight and I am tired and I am sitting outside in the dark where I have a weak wifi so until tomorrow signing off. 

Our hotel room
Our hotel room
Our hotel room