A boat ride to the museum

February 24, 2019   Thailand, Bangkok

We arrived in Ubud mid-day today after a four-hour flight. Since I've blogged from Ubud previously I'll spare you more photos.

Just kidding.

To wrap up Thailand I've a few photos from our last day in Bangkok when we took an orange-flag boat upriver to the Thailand National Museum. The boat ride costs less than a dollar and is well worth it though it can be crowded.

Starting the day with a tasty breakfast      
River port map      
To get to the Thailand National Museum we caught an orange flag boat at port 4, Marine, and got off at port 13, Phra Arthit. Most of the ports are on the eastern shore.
Orange flag boat      
The green boat is the type we took up and down the river. The river is quite busy with boats, vying for space at the ports and zipping in and out between each other. Many times a day you see a series of barges tied together, going up river, with a tug at front and a tug at the back. I can't tell what's being carried in them as they are covered.
Orange flag boat      
You jump on and off the boat from the back. You have to be ready and you have to be fast, the boat doesn't spend much time at port.
The boats tend to be crowded      
Close call      
The river is packed with boats, especially around the tourist sites. I thought for a moment this catamaran was heading for our boat and was going to hit us but they know what they are doing, they are out every day dashing between the many ports.
Tying to the dock      
The deck hands are busy, jumping between boat and dock, tying up, then releasing the boat the second the passengers are transferred. It happens very fast so you have to be ready to jump on board.
Busy port      
At some of the ports there are many boats competing for dock access, honking horns to speed everyone up.
A looong boat      
Reminds me of a Kitchenaide      
Pagoda boat      
Refreshing cold mango drink      
The icy mango drinks are refreshing but they bring on a quick brain freeze. If only they weren't in single-use plastic.
Monks photographing fan display      
While we explored the Thailand National Museum I caught these two photographing a display of historic fans. Note their bare feet; many of the museum's rooms require visitors to leave shoes at the door, just like at the temples, so wear something easy to slip off.
Checking out the museum      
I didn't see as many monks as I expected, perhaps because I wasn't up early enough to witness them out receiving their food donations.