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Oct 10, 2016, Monday
It's all Greek to me    Greece Piraeus
Oct 10, 2016, Monday

It's all Greek to me

October 10, 2016   Monday
Greece   Piraeus

I'm in Piraeus, first stop on a visit to Greece. The weather is t-shirt-and-shorts comfortable and so far all has gone off without a hitch.

Piraeus is Athen's port, a dense, old city that occupies the space between Athens and the Mediterranean. It's not a destination in itself, just a place to stop while waiting for a ferry, which is what I'm doing. Boarding a ship means walking among cars, trucks and motorbikes, there is none of the separation you see with BC ferries. No guard rails either, a pattern throughout Greece I will find. I guess we don't need no stink'in guardrails.

Tomorrow, 7am, we'll take the Blue Star Delos as far as the island of Naxos. After Naxos the ferry goes to Santorini, then it reverses course, returning to Piraeus before midnight.

The traffic-filled square adjacent to Piraeus.
Loading a ferry      
Bow of a Flyingcat      
Two Blue Star ferries