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Feb 7, 2014, Friday
Feb 7, 2014, Friday
Apr 19, 2018, Thursday
Spring swap    MINI Cars XF16
Apr 19, 2018, Thursday

Selective Color

February 7, 2014   Friday

Selective use of color in an otherwise black and white shot is cliche -- but it is still useful because color provides a powerful spotlight on what the photographer wants to highlight.

Here are a couple of examples, one taken at Lassen National Park (Nikon D200, 18-200 vr at 18mm, f/8) and another in downtown Santa Cruz in front of a favorite burrito shop (Nikon D300, 30/1.4, f/5.6). I like their tubular tacos. Both shots were processed with Capture NX and Silver Efex using the latter's control points to selectively reveal the color of the original.

MINI at Planet Fresh      
A little selective colour in front of a favorite burrito joint.
MINI at Mt Lassen

Spring swap

April 19, 2018   Thursday
MINI   Cars   XF16

Today, in anticipation of sunnier weather, I swapped the winter wheels off the Mini for summer wheels. Mind you, I'd be happy to run the winters all year. This is Canada after all. But I figure that since I own the summer set might as well spread out the wear. And the summers look better.

While I've recently dusted off the Nikon for some real estate shots, the summer wheel below was shot with the Fuji. The Nikon wins for sheer pixels - you can crop till the cows come home. But the Fuji's draw is this lens. When I shot Nikon DX my favorite lens was the 17-55 at 17. On FX it's the 24-120 on 24. This Fuji 16 is about the same field of view and it's faster, though it lacks all the other focal lengths the zooms offer. That is a negative. But: the 16 is almost as close-focus as a macro, it's a 1.4, and it's my favorite focal length.

MINI spring wheels